Health Check-ups

Dr Philippe Azria
Head Doctor

Health check-ups are supervised by Dr Philippe Azria.

Health check-ups are completed as a preventive measure with the assistance of all of the hospital’s medical and paramedical staff and access to all of the Hospital technical platforms.

Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group proposes two approaches :

  • Pre-defined content check-ups : for example, targeting cardiology with all of the related tests (cardiac ultrasound, ECG, cardiologist consultation)
  • Personalised check-ups, suited to each case, depending on medical antecedents or specific problems. This type of check-up requires a half-day and may involve a number of different medical specialisations.

We are at your service to adapt to your needs. Doctor Philippe Azria, deputy head doctor of internal medicine, will evaluate your request and propose a series of targeted and personalised tests in response.

The content of these check-ups and their cost will be confirmed in advance by the relevant health insurance body.

Important figures

  • Leader in France for the treatment of glaucoma
  • 2,000 surgical interventions, including over 900 glaucoma operations
  • 18,000 consultations and 1,000 laser treatments (glaucoma)

The application procedure

Send your request to
We will respond with Doctor Azria’s recommendations and a personalised proposal in less than a week.

Techniques used

  • Blood and urine tests
  • X‑rays
  • Scanners
  • Ultrasound (abdominal, urinary tracts, thyroid, heart, etc.)
  • Cardiac stress tests
  • Consultations with all of our specialists