Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr Philippe Levan
Head Doctor
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The plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery department is managed by Dr Philippe Levan.

The department’s 10 surgeons are specialised in :

  • Face and body aesthetic surgery, cosmetic medicine (botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections)
  • Weight-loss side-effects surgery
  • Breast cancer reconstructive surgery : multi-disciplinary treatment via the breast institute which has its own surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, anatomo-pathologists and radiotherapists
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery to the face and body

Based on the observation that the number of bariatric surgery interventions has increased significantly over the last five years (15,000 new cases per year with 15% of French people considered as obese) Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital aims to become the referral centre for post weight-loss repair surgery. To achieve this it has invested in the French Bodylift Institute which opened in December 2017.

This institute aims to meet the demand for reconstructive body surgery (lower abdomen and buttocks body lift, arm, thigh, face and neck lift) to meet the psychological, functional and physical needs of weight-loss patients. Reconstructing the body in this way improves patient self-esteem and quality of life ; it can also facilitate the resumption of sporting activity and thus maintain weight-loss.

Techniques used

  • Face : Cervicofacial lift, centro-facial lift 
  • Cosmetic eyelid surgery : Pinning back ears, Rhinoplasty 
  • Cosmetic medicine : Hyaluronic acid and Botulinum toxin injections
  • Skin surgery : Scar and scar-tissue correction, Skin tumour surgery
  • Intimate surgery : Labiaplasty (labia minora surgery)
  • Stomach and outline : Abdominal dermo-lipectomy, Bodylift, Liposuction, Lipomodelling (fat transfer), Inner thigh lift, Inner arm lift 
  • Breasts : Breast increase with implants, Breast reduction, Ptosis, Gynecomastia (breasts in males). Breast Reconstruction : Nipple-areolar complex reconstruction, Breast reconstruction using the latissimus dorsi muscle, Breast reconstruction using the transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous free flap, Breast reconstruction using implants