Congenital heart diseases
(surgery and medicine)

Pr Emre Belli
Department head
Dr Joy Zoghbi
Head doctor
Dr Sébastien Hascoet
Head doctor

The congenital heart diseases surgery is jointly managed by Professor Emre Belli and Dr Joy Zoghbi.

The department proposes diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and interventional treatment for patients with congenital heart malformations. Pre-natal, new-born, child and adult diagnostics

Children and adult patients are generally from the Ile-de-France region although many also are referred from French and international centres either as a result of agreements with other countries or the financing of  treatment for children by humanitarian organisations such as the Association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (Heart surgery sponsorship association).

This is a genuine centre for congenital heart malformation patients offering a complete range of treatments for children and adults with congenital heart malformation.

  • Prenatal diagnostic/2D3D echocardiography consultation/Cardiac stress test/Cardiorespiratory stress test (“VO2max”)/Cardiac rhythm recording over 24 hours (HolterEKG)/Pacemaker adjustments and checks/Child-adult heart scanner/2D-4D adult cardiac magnetic resonance tomography)
  • Congenital heart disease surgery for children and adults.
  • Congenital heart disease catheterization for children and adults.
  • Congenital heart malformation arrhythmia assessment.
  • Heart failure treatment for children and adults with congenital heart malformations (pacemaker-artificial heart — heart transplant)
  • PHTN treatment for children and adults (in collaboration with the Kremlin Bicêtre Referral Centre), haemodynamic catheterization — Potts Surgery — lung or heart-lung transplant, support for women with congenital heart malformation who want to have children.
  • Treatment of infectious complications (endocarditis) for children and adult with congenital heart conditions. The Congenital Heart Condition Paediatrics Department and the Necker ‘Enfants Malades’ Department make up the national referral centre for rare diseases in complex congenital heart conditions (M3C network).

Important figures

  • 800 interventions per year
  • 600 Extra-Corporal Circulation interventions
  • 400 surgical procedures involving children under 12 months
  • 270 adult interventions
  • 700 endovascular catheterization interventions (350 interventional therapeutic catheterizations ‑and around 150 for arrhythmia)

The main diseases treated

  • Foetal heart disease
  • Heart failure
  • Extra-cardiac conditions

Techniques used

  • Surgery on new-borns
  • Surgery on babies and children
  • Congenital heart condition surgery on adolescents and adults 
  • Catheterization for congenital heart conditions
  • Arrhythmia assessment for congenital heart conditions