Urological Surgery

Pr Xavier Durand
Head Doctor
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The urological surgery department is managed by Professor Xavier Durand.

Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital urological surgery department offers a full range of treatments, excluding kidney transplants, for this specialist area.

Its team of expert urological surgeons prioritises the application of mini-invasive surgical approaches and can thus ensure rapid patient recovery times. The technologies used, such as keyhole surgery and robot assisted keyhole surgery, reduce the risk of serious post-operative consequences.

The use of other cutting edge technology such as medical lasers, focused ultrasound and cryotherapy are at the heart of its surgical treatment strategies.
The implementation of a post-op recovery improvement approach, that prepares the patient before the operation, optimises intervention times and anticipates potential consequences right up to the patient’s return home ; ensuring that the patient recovers quickly, that post-operative complications are reduced and patient comfort is guaranteed.

The main principal of the urological surgery staff is to provide full support to patients and ensure their access to the hospital. This is why the medical and administrative staff are able to manage and organise same day admission outpatient treatment or routine hospitalisations so efficiently and reliably.

We also prioritise a multi-disciplinary treatment approach. All oncological and functional surgical interventions have a multi-modal dimension which ensures the involvement of all of the specialists required by the condition. The expertise of our interventional radiologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and pathologists is combined to establish complete and fully adapted treatment plans. Urologists also participate in the activities of the pelviperineology institute alongside gynaecologists, obstetricians and physiotherapists to ensure the global treatment of feminine urinary or pelvic floor muscle conditions.

Important figures

  • France’s N°2 institution for the treatment of prostate adenoma
  • 1,800 per year (2020)
  • The team is made up of 8 urologist surgeons

The main diseases treated

Techniques used

  • Keyhole surgery
  • Robot assisted keyhole surgery
  • Medical lasers
  • Focused ultrasound
  • Cryotherapy